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I can't CHAT anymore, what happened?
There are usually two reasons that you are unable to use the CHAT anymore. Either you have mistyped your username or password, or you have been banned. While we enjoy offering our FREE Chat for our user's, we do protect users who do not wish to participate in a Chat forum with foul language. If you use foul language we log your IP address, ban you from the Chat and attempt to contact your ISP to retrieve your information by finding which of their users were logged on to that IP address at the time we banned you.

When you registered for your FREE account, you agreed to our Terms and Conditions. One of our conditions was that you adhere to our strict Family-Friendly policies. We are not a Porn or Dating website. If we find that users are misusing our website for any purpose other that what it was intended for we will do everything in our power to find those users and prosecute to the farthest extent of the law for spoiling our website and thus threatening the business activities that could/should take place on the website.

For more information on our Terms and Conditions, please click here.

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