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I can't get connected what should I do?
If you are on dial-up:

First check to make sure your phone line is working by picking up an extension and ensure there is a dial tone. If you have a dial tone try restarting your computer and then reconnect.

If you are on our High Speed network there are several things to check:

1. If you have a router power cycle the router. 99% of connection issues will involve your router. We supply D-Link routers but you may have your own router as well. All are quite similar. To power cycle the router simply unplug the power to the back of the router and wait 30 seconds. Reconnect the power and wait another minute ubtil your computer reconnects to th router (wireless may take slightly more time), then try to connct to your Home Page.

If you do NOT have a router 99% of connection issues will be with your computer. You can reset the network connection by restarting the computer. Make sure you do not have Limited or No Connectivity on your Local Area Network Connection.

2. If you have tried power cycling your router and/or rebooting your computer then you can reboot our equipment. We have several different types of radios we use depending on our type of connection and proximity to our tower(s)/ All equipment is monitored 24 hours a day. Although we know if your radio is connected to our tower, we can not monitor your connection inside your home. By power cycling our equipment your connection to the tower will be reset and in turn will reset your computer or router's connection to our equipment.

Our equipment is powered through a small box called a POE Injector. There are basically two types we use, one is a small square white box about 2"X2" with a green LED light and a green ground lead and the other is a small black box about 2"X1/2" with three cables coming out the bottom each marked in white lettering. This is typically grounded/located at a wall outlet near your router or desktop. There are three cables going into this type of injector, two CAT5e cables and a power cable from a transformer. You can unplug the trnsformer from the wall or unplug the power adapter at the POE Injector, either way wait at least 1 minute and then plug the power back in. You will then need to wait up to 5 minutes for all your equipment to get reconnected. You should be back on line.

3. Call our office. We are open Monday through Friday 9-5 and we have full-time technical support during those hours.

If it is after hours send an email using our contact page or leave a message. During major outages we make every attempt to contact everyone involved.

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