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I chose to add a FREE Email Account, how do I check that account?
You have made a wise's email has Antivirus AND Antispam, all FREE for all of our users.

To check your Email via the web, just click the Email Link next to the Search Box at the top of any page on our website. Enter your username and password. If you check the Remember Password box, each time you return to and click that link, you will be directed straight to your Inbox.

To check your email using an email client, such as Outlook or Eudora follow the instructions below:

1. For Outlook or Outlook Express, Open the program (Netscape Mail is similar)
2. Select 'Tools' from the toolbar
3. Select 'Accounts'
4. Select 'Add' and 'Mail" or "Internet Mail"
5. Type in the 'Display Name' such as 'INFO', click 'Next'
6. Type in the Email Address such as ', click 'Next'
7. For the Incoming Mail Server type ''
8. For the Outgoing Server, also type '', unless you are using 'MSN, ATT, Mindspring, *', Click 'Next'
9. Type your account name such as ‘’
10. Type your password such as 'password', to change this password, email me the new password and it will be changed, click 'Next'
11. Choose your connection type, Click 'Next'
12. Click 'Finish'
13. Once completed, click 'Tools', 'Accounts' and choose the account you just created
14. Click 'Properties' to the right
15. Click the 'Servers' Tab at the top
16. At the very bottom of this screen you will see a checkbox 'My Outgoing Server Requires Authentication'
17. Check this box and click 'Settings' to the right
18. Ensure that 'Use Same Settings as My Incoming Mail Server' is checked
19. Click 'Apply' or 'OK'
20. You will now be able to send and receive email from this account

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