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Can I get a Data Pole at my location?

We have two options for hosting a Data Pole at your location;

OPTION 1.  The first option is that you can pay for a data Pole to be placed at your location. There are some requirements from the different counties that we must adhere to but more likely than not it could be a month or two before you have your own high speed data Pole.

Depending on your surrounding area NNWIFI may place equipment on that data pole which could supply others internet access as well.

- If NNWIFI has 5 paying customers receiving a signal from the data Pole at your location you receive FREE Internet.

- At 10 or more paying customers NNWIFI may reimburse up to $735 of  the data Pole's cost back to you.

The cost is $1,750.00 and you may need to pay for a permit depending on your county, those fees range from nothing to $200.00.

The $1,750.00 fee covers:

- NNWIFI buying the pole,
- Metal extension and mounting pipes that are installed on top of the data pole, placing the quiopment on the pipe,
- Setting the pole
- Running power to that pole from your existing building or service.

(Note:  If electrical power is not availabe, and a new service is required, there may be additional charges for the electrical service installation.)

It also includes the installation at your building including cabling, antenna, mounting hardware and some basic training (which we give to all our customers)

OPTION 2.  The second option is to talk with your neighbors and get 15 or more of them to agree to sign up for service and provide a $250 deposit with their application.  If NNWIFI gets a firm committment from 10 or more paying customers at any location we will buy the pole, pipe and place it at no additional cost. Contact us for more information.

(Note:  The $250 deposit checks are held and not cashed until the service is actually installed.  If the service is not installed, the deposit check is returned to the applicant.)

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